Where do you go to find space?

Pause in a willow pod.

Make space for yourself. Take a moment to rest and relax. Shoes off, comfy socks on, get cosy and calm. Unplug from the day-to-day chaos. Dive in to a good book.  Curl up with your pets. Breast feed the baby in peace. Breathe in the aromas of natural materials. Tell stories to your children. Leave technology behind. Come back to the present moment. Drop back in to the heart for a few minutes.  Make a den with your brother. Dedicate a space to mediation. Lay back and close your eyes.  Find stillness and deep relaxation.  Let your thoughts drift away …

"With the pace of the modern western world, never has it felt so important to create stillness and space."

Handmade, bespoke willow pods.

Designer and maker, Ellen Mulcrone – along with the help of her small team – lovingly and meticulously hand-craft each individual pod. From drawing up the design of the frame, to splicing the rope, to sanding and oiling the base, to trimming and tidying the willow. No two pods are the same, all with their own original quirks. Each form slightly different, each bunch of willow ever so slightly a different shade. 

These hand-crafted pods are small pockets of space that encourage a different way of interacting with ourselves. They inspire a deeper, more intimate level of conversation, create a safe space for vulnerability, and allow us to step away, even if just for a moment, from the chaos and clammer of the modern world.

"your own retreat space no bigger than an arm-chair"

A space for your quieter side..

It seems our society is predominantly focused on celebrating the extrovert. If this just simply isn’t your way, it can sometimes feel hard to even function, let alone thrive. Figures says that around 50% of people are at least part-introvert. We believe it is important to create spaces that reflect that number,  by creating small, nourishing cocoon-like pods where we can interact with others on a more personal level. The pods provide a space within which to slow down, re-charge, and find a few moments quiet.

Pearpods are spaces dedicated to being instead of doing. Be it a work space, living room, cafe, or garden, including these pods within your environment is a way of designating a specific place for reflection and self-care, and showing a commitment to protecting your own mental health as well as that of those around you. 

All pods are made on commission. You can choose from set sizes or opt for a bespoke design. Please contact me for any questions or to place an order.

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