• This is our large sized pod. Whether it's your children all piled in together, or you and your partner, the Pear pod is a cosy, intimate space and the perfect size for shared rest. 
  • Mix and match the twine and cushion colours to suit your space. With its combination of traditional, natural willow and bright, playful twine, the Pear pod will be a welcomed addition to your home that everyone will enjoy.
  • Made from natural and sustainable materials, handmade by a small team in Bristol, who truly believe in the value of creating space to rest.
  • Hanging or free-standing, this is the perfect nook for reading, meditation, rest, day-dreams.. 
  • You'll never regret taking time to pause with your loved ones, it's these moments that we remember and cherish.
  • It hangs elegantly indoors and works just as well free-standing. 


Brown and green willow, harvested from the Somerset Levels by a family-run business and grown sustainably.

Steel frame, fabricated from 10mm round steel bar, and powder coated to protect the pod. Made by local metalworkers just outside Bristol.

Cushion made from medium density foam and covered in 100% cotton, produced in Bath and Bristol.

The Pear pod is perfect for a pair.. Mother and child, siblings, lovers, friends. It's a cosy, intimate space to share secret stories or sweet nothings.  

Height: 140cm

Width: 85cm deep x 100cm wide

Entrance: 85cm wide x 90cm high

80kg (estimate)

To increase the longevity of the Pear pod, take care when entering and moving it around.

It is made from a natural material and so may change colour over time.

To clean your Pear pod, simply dust off with a dry brush or cloth, or using the brush attachment of your hoover.

Much like a basket, it will last years and years, but will become more brittle over time. Towards the end of the pods life, some willow strands may pop out or snap. This is normal for a natural materials and we advise to just snip them off to tidy up the look of the pod.