A sanctuary for
your home.

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Drawing on traditional willow weaving methods, each pod is lovingly handmade by our small team here in Bristol. Hours of care goes in to each pod.

Made using natural, compostable willow from the Somerset levels, recyclable steel, and repurposed waste cord from our local Scrapstore.

The design of the pods allows for ultimate comfort and relaxation, the cocoon-like shape gives just the right amount of privacy to truly switch off.

Our design combines traditional techniques with contemporary materials, providing a timeless, eye-catching piece that brightens up any space.

"Our little one always seems so
calm when he's laying in the pod,
it's a miracle!"

- Eve


"Within a busy nursery room, it is
a safe haven for the children to enjoy,
exquisitely designed and proving
to stand the test of time."

Jayne - Nursery Owner


"We have had such magical moments in there
with the kids. They love to tell stories and
snuggle up with the cat."

- Joie


"I love my pod. I curl up in it every day.
It's the only thing that makes me stop."

- Lilly, Gardener


"Our babies continue to thrive and
have their own, independent
adventures in the pod."


"Fantastic willow worker
and amazing creative eye.
Ellen created the perfect pod
for our space."

- John


"We have had such magical
moments in there with the kids.
They love to tell stories and
snuggle up with the cat."


Designed for real rest.

Fun fact: Sleep and rest are not the same. In fact, sleep is only one of seven different types of rest that we need.

In a time of chronic burnout and overwhelm, we believe thatwe need to change our relationship with rest.

It's not just collapsing at the end of the day. It's dance, reading, belly laughs, nuzzling... day-dreaming even!

Our lovingly crafted pods provide a space for you to dedicate purely to rest.

Read more to understand which type of rest you needmost right now.

After a long day at work,
curl up at home in your own private sanctuary.


Feeling burnt out?

You're not alone..

Our founder, Ellen Mulcrone, knows the feeling of burnout and overwhelm all too well. In fact, it was this that inspired her to learn more about rest and its critical role in our lives.

Ellen learnt the hard way what happens when we don't listen to our body, and was eventually forced to deep-dive in to all things balance and wellbeing. Now that she understands just how valuable it is to be still, Ellen wants to provide others with a safe, calm space in their lives for deep, daily rest.


The Fixings:

The steel used to produce the shackle and chain is made in the UK and load rated to ensure safety and strength. Our local manufacturer prides themselves in offering high quality products and services with over 50 years of experience in the industry.

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Twine Colour

Recycled Materials:

We use a variety of repurposed materials that add a signature splash of colour to our pods. These can be offcuts from factories, unwanted reels of cord or rope, old netting that’s no longer used…

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The Willow:

Our willow is supplied by a family run business located at a farm on the Somerset Levels. They are committed to producing one of the most environmentally-friendly, sustainable products.

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Twine Colour

The Metal Frame:

We work closely with our metalworkers to ensure that each pod has the right curve and proportions. This is what gives Pearpods that pleasing feel, both to look at and to sit inside.

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The Cushions:

All of our cushions are made using medium-high density foam, with 100% cotton and zip-off, washable covers. Mix and match your colours!

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An oasis for your home.