Meet the Pearpod Team

Our small team of spectacular women is growing. One of our missions is to empower women and celebrate traditional craft. All the pods used to be woven by Ellen, but her time was getting pretty stretched and a weaving co-op beckoned! Now a couple of other women work alongside to weave the pods, all based in the UK as we want to keep everything local.  



Introducing Beatrix.

Bea is one of our basketmakers and she creates the most delicious and skilfully woven pods. With a background in design, Bea has a natural eye and is a great problem solver.

When not weaving, you can find Bea mark-making in her yurt, woodworking, gardening.. and even currently building a beautiful tiny home on wheels! 




We asked Bea a few questions about working within Pearpod, here are her answers: 


Where do you make the pods?

The flexibility of Pearpod's business model means I can make them wherever I am based. Which at the moment, is between pieces of land in North Devon and West Sussex.

What do you like about weaving them? 

I love the scale of weaving the pods, that it requires your whole body and strength, whilst retaining the material sensitivity of basketry weaving. I love that they are designed for humans to be held within. 



What do you like about being part of Pearpod? 

I love working for Pearpod because of the humility and sincerity that runs throughout the business. From the logistics to the creative direction, Ellen co-ordinates and communicates with such love and care. The business allows me to maintain my freedom, while providing a creative way of financially supporting my way of life. It is hugely important to me that Pearpod is bringing together and supporting female craftspeople through ethical trade practices.


What do you think about when you're weaving?

When I am weaving, I think about the way the willow is responding to my hands and movement, and how the weave will add to the overall structure, and eventually the experience of those using it. 


What's an interesting/fun fact about you that we might not know?

I am obsessed with collecting and drying plants and flowers, which is use to decorate wreaths made from twisted willow. 


See what Bea is up to at @beatrixbraycreates

November 08, 2022 — Ellen Treanor-Mulcrone

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