Meet the Pearpod Team


We thought it was about time we introduced you to some of the wonderful people behind Pearpod. Having been a one-woman show for over 5 years, Pearpod is now growing into a community of fantastically talented women.


First to introduce to you is Olivia, our Design Researcher.


Olivia actually applied to a basketmaking role, but when Ellen (the founder) and Olivia got talking, they realised that she was perfectly suited for a research-based role, and were both equally as excited by this discovery! It turned out Olivia's work at uni had all been around 'designing spaces for people to retreat to', so there was already a genuine interest and understanding of the value of these cocoon-like spaces. 




Job Title:Design Researcher


What does that job title mean/ how do you spend your time?

Being a Design Researcher means that I get to be a little investigator, which I love! So far I have conducted secondary research into co-working spaces, office design, burnout, rest, working from home in a post-Covid world and how the home affects happiness. I am also looking into new fabrics for the cushions and preparing to interview some previous clients of Ellen’s, to gather primary feedback.   


Star sign: Cancer


What made you want to join Pearpod?

I wanted to join Pearpod because the company’s values align with my own and I have an appreciation for crafted objects. I think that there is something luxurious, yet so necessary in today’s world, about objects which have been made by hand, using tactile and natural materials. Then, when I first spoke to Ellen and heard what Pearpod was all about I wanted to join even more! Her approach to wellness coupled with my background in weaving, pods and mental-health research made us working together a no-brainer! 


What have you enjoyed about the job so far?

I have enjoyed finding out new things whilst conducting the secondary research, as I’m such a curious person, so all types of research are fun to me! I have also really enjoyed putting my textiles background to good use, something which I haven’t done for a while and had forgotten how much I loved! And I’m looking forward to interviewing people next because I get a real buzz from having a good natter - as Ellen well knows!


You in 3 words: Inquisitive, honest and empathetic. 


When you’re not working, what can we find you doing?

Sudokus, chilling with my cat, having coffee with friends, listening to podcasts, quiz nights, going on walks and occasionally painting. 


Fav snack:Right now, I’m craving peanut buttery things.


What are you listening to/reading right now (book, podcast, music)? 

A book on sleep called ‘Better Sleep, Better You: Your No-Stress Guide for Getting the Sleep You Need and the Life You Want’ by Frank Lipman and Neil Parikh. I’m also obsessed with the ‘Parenting Hell’ podcast, even though I don’t have kids, I work with them and have a lot of experience with them so it’s very entertaining for me! And in-terms of music, I am just about to listen to Florence and The Machine’s new album as well as Moderat’s new album, but I need to do them justice for the first-listen so I’ll go on a walk with headphones to really take them in.


Your rest style? Staying in my pjs and doing sudokus on the sofa. 


What’s your secret talent?

I can close my nostrils without touching them haha. Also I can do the worm and balance on one leg for a long time. 


Night owl or morning lark:Night owl, attempting to be a morning lark.


What lights you up?

Snuggling with my cat, going on walks with friends, singing very loudly in the shower, iced coffee (decaf only for me though), feeling the sun on my face, dancing, seeing big groups of people all dancing or singing together, creating a piece of art or sewing or cooking something that I’m proud of. 


A quote/mantra you live by:A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. 


July 09, 2022 — Ellen Treanor-Mulcrone

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